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Life in Scrubs supports Super Max & Bryce

super max & bryce life in scrubs

As a Gold Coast based business, we wanted to support a charity that is not only close to home but also close to our hearts.

With Life In Scrubs being new to the market, our team knew from the start that we would love to support Super Max & Bryce.

What is Super Max & Bryce?

The Super Max & Bryce project supports children with cancer through gifts of Super Max the Turtle night lights. These fully sanitisable night lights provide not only connectedness but also happiness, love, hope, and comfort for brave little superheroes in treatment.

How did Super Max & Bryce start?

The project started in 2016 by a nine-year-old Gold Coaster named Bryce who watched his mum go through a long cancer treatment program. Bryce could not imagine how scary it would be to be a child going through the same thing. He therefore decided to take action and raise money to purchase Super Max the Turtle lights. He wanted to give the lights designed specifically for children in treatment to as many children with cancer as he could.

By the end of 2016, Bryce had raised enough money to give 244 turtle night lights to children with cancer. In 2017, he continued his quest giving out 804 night lights. That equalled one for every single child that was diagnosed with cancer in Australia that year.

Moving forwards, it has been his goal to give every child diagnosed with cancer in both Australia and New Zealand each year a night light. That is 1,000 turtles a year and he is working hard to make it happen. In addition, he wanted to share love with parents and carers of these brave superheros. For that reason, he now gives them small gifts with stars on them too.

super max and bryce children

How will Super Max & Bryce use the Life In Scrubs donations?

For each scrubs set you purchase, when you select Super Max & Bryce as your charity of choice at the checkout, Life In Scrubs will donate $3 to the project.

Super Max & Bryce will use the Life In Scrubs donations to achieve their goal of supplying Super Max Turtle night lights to children diagnosed with cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

Bryce hopes that one day he won’t have to deliver any turtle night lights to children because there won’t be any more cancer. To make this dream become a reality, $1 per turtle is donated by Super Max & Bryce to fund the children’s cancer research of their partners at ANZCHOG. This way, your donation will also be going to help fund research to end this terrible disease.

The team of Super Max & Bryce pays all their travel expenses to hospitals around the country and to New Zealand themselves. Additional costs such as wrapping paper, cards, stickers, and more are donated by supportive Gold Coast businesses and fundraisers.

This ensures that every dollar Life In Scrubs sales raise will go directly toward the purchase and delivery of Super Max Turtle lights.

Why did we choose Super Max & Bryce?

Super Max & Bryce support children with cancer and provides them with hope and comfort. The team visits them in the hospital where our ways meet. Life In Scrubs wants to support all amazing nurses and doctors that take care of their patients. Even if providing comfortable scrubs is only one small part, our goal is to help healthcare workers do what they do every single day – save lives.

Life In Scrubs Meets Super Max & Bryce

We were lucky enough to catch up with Amy and Bryce on the Gold Coast and take an amazing photo of them showing our brand-new Life In Scrubs range.

Amy said, “We are in awe of health care workers; they have literally committed their professional lives to help save the lives of others. The nurses, oncologists, surgeons, and all of the hospital staff we’ve met on our visits to children’s hospitals have blown us away with their kindness and care. Partnering with a business-like Life in Scrubs that wants to help make health care workers more comfortable is something we are proud to be a part of.”

Bryce said, “Anything that helps the people who help superheroes in treatment is something I’m really happy to support. We are grateful to the Life in Scrubs team for choosing our charity to partner with. I’d like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who selects our charity and helps us share love, hope, happiness and comfort with children in treatment.”

How can you support Super Max & Bryce?

On the Life In Scrubs check-out page, we will ask you to choose a charity that you want to support with your scrubs purchase. By selecting Super Max & Bryce, $3 per scrubs set of your order will go to the project.

If you like to learn more about the charity and/or make additional donations, please visit their website.

Thank you for helping us support Super Max & Bryce this year!

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