Life in Scrubs supports Happy Tails

As vet teams wear our scrubs and support our friends on four paws, we also wanted to support a charity that gives back to animals. Happy Tails Animal Rescue is one of these charities. Based in Southeast Queensland, the Happy Tails team offers shelter for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens…

Life in Scrubs supports Shake It Up

One of the most important things for the Life in Scrubs team is that our customer community gets to make memories in our scrubs, day in and out. Unique memories from our workdays stick with us even when we get old. One of the diseases that heavily influences how we…

Life in Scrubs supports Super Max & Bryce

As a Gold Coast based business, we wanted to support a charity that is not only close to home but also close to our hearts. With Life In Scrubs being new to the market, our team knew from the start that we would love to support Super Max & Bryce.…

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