About Us

About Us
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Scrubs are a part of our working life. We thought it is time to develop a variety of scrubs that teams actually like wearing without breaking the bank. Style, comfort, and fast turnaround times – that is what we want to deliver for our customers.

No matter what industry you are in – we offer scrubs for the medical, vet, and beauty industry.

The Vision of Life In Scrubs

Purchasing scrubs can be a hassle and you usually have to compromise somewhere. This usually applies to look, fit, price, or delivery times.

I heard a lot of comments from healthcare workers regarding scrubs and how much of a pain it is to wear them all day. I also listened to feedback from business owners on how expensive scrubs were and then still don’t look that great or fit that well.

So we put our heads together and thought, why not create a solution that can solve some of these problems. This would allow even small businesses to source scrubs fast and conveniently from an Australian business.

In this way, we can give back to all the workers wearing scrubs who inspired us. We can finally supply them with something that they actually enjoy wearing at work.

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Why We Donate To Charity

Life In Scrubs is a business that was created with the mission to give back. To give back to people who work hard in scrubs.

For every scrub set purchase you make, we donate $3 to a charity that works in the healthcare or animal field.

When you proceed to the checkout, you can select from three charities that we support at that moment in time.

Life In Scrubs changes the charities we support every six months. All money raised during the previous six months period will then be paid out to each of the three charities.

To find out more about the three charities we support at the moment, head to our blog page.

Let’s make a difference together and support our community and animals!

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